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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our commonly asked questions are below for your convenience, however you can also reach out to us via our Contact Us page as well. 


If I order today when can I expect to receive my MasonBrite™?

Your order will normally be received within 5 days. 

What is the magnification level on MasonBrite™?

There are actually two magnification levels, 3X & 5X for optimal viewing.

How long will my MasonBrite™ hold a charge?

Under normal use the battery can support up to 1-2 hours of use. 

Are MasonBrite™ jar lids airtight?


What is the optimal viewing distance for MasonBrite™?

For 3X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-10"

For 5X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-3"

What is the warranty for MasonBrite™?

The warranty covers MasonBrite™ 90 days from the day that you receive it. 

What other colors are available for MasonBrite™?

Currently we only carry the MasonBrite™ in black, however other options will be available in the near future.